Ways You Can Sharpen Your Mind

- - Adam Kidan

Newt GingrichSuccessful entrepreneurs need to be able to think quickly and stay on their toes.  It’s easy to get caught up in the habitual drone of everyday life, which leads to stagnation.  I recently came across an article that shares some steps for keeping your mind sharp, listed below:

Break free from routine: A habitual mind is restricted.  According to a study by the Association for Psychological Science, those who engage in experiences that are new, challenging and exciting will more likely retain high cognitive functioning.  Passive involvement won’t do it, though.  Try once each week to do something outside of your comfort zone, and you might find out there’s something you love.

Keep moving: Exercise has its obvious physical benefits, but a healthy body is also closely connected with a healthy mind.  Physical activity has positive effects on mental illnesses like depression and anxiety, which often prevent people from getting things done.

Get enough sleep: Entrepreneurs often have to sacrifice sleep for hard work.  But if you aren’t sleeping enough, it could be why your personal or business development has slowed down.  A Brown University study has confirmed that sufficient sleep “locks in” knowledge gained from learning new tasks.  Most people don’t know that even if they can choose which time to go to sleep, drowsiness can involuntarily “switch off” the brain, making much of the learning or working you do from that point relatively useless.

Keep circadian rhythms on-track: A circadian rhythm is the nearly-24 hour cycle that regulates organisms’ physiological and psychological processes.  Though this mostly operates on its own, it can be slightly manipulated by light and temperature.  In order to regulate your circadian rhythm, expose yourself to natural light in the mornings and afternoons by keeping windows open.

Eat brain-enhancing foods: Foods that are rich in iron, such as meat, eggs and dark-colored vegetables, may be responsible for improved concentration and a higher IQ.  Whole-grain cereals and breads, which contain the vitamin B1, are thought to improve the speed of your mental processes.  Antioxidants may slow the detrimental effects that free radicals have on the brain, and foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids may fight off depression and improve cognition over time.

Laugh: Laughter and other forms of positive affect may improve your ability to think creatively and look at problems from a new perspective.  It’s recommended that you laugh regularly to release endorphins, reduce stress hormone cortisol and help eliminate epinephrine.  it can even affect the number of intestinal flora in the human body.

Adam Kidan