Use Social Media Effectively To Grow Your Business

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Facebook has been a transformational company in terms of human social interaction and has changed the way friends, and even strangers, communicate with each other. A company which once began as a tool for people to connect at college has since grown and evolved into a company that is now an extremely influential tool for business marketing, particularly for small businesses.

In an effort to promote the use of Facebook and other social media tools by small businesses wishing to engage with consumers, Facebook recently hosted a “Boost Your Business” event. Around 250 local companies attended the event, which included Facebook analytics experts and a panel of local business owners who gave tips about advertising and marketing on social media properties.

Here are six important tips from Facebook experts and local business owner panelists discussed at the event:

1) Your Facebook page is your best online presence. Facebook allows businesses to make marketing personal by engaging with customers, posting business hours, sales, giveaways and upcoming events.

2) Create content that adds value to the customer. The Facebook news feed shows the most relevant and interesting content to individuals. This is an important tool for business owners to listen and respond to customers as well as feature your own stories about what is happening with your business.

3) Get to know your audience. Facebook tools such as Page, Audience and Ad Insights help you understand what kind of posts are performing best and at what time of day. Use them to find the best way to reach your audience.

4) Find the right people. Clean out the clutter and target the people who actually care about and want to invest in your business. Facebook has great targeting tools (Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences) to reach people who may have never heard of your business before.

5) Segment your audiences and groups. It is important to tailor your social media efforts to your various audiences and create posts that fit their specific needs, based on their interests, behaviors and demographics.

6) Measure and track your results. Find out what is working and what does not work and then look into why this is the case. Track your progress as you work to grow your business.

If you are a small-business owner looking to grow your customer base, these tips can definitely steer you in the right direction. To read more about what happened at the event, check out this article.

Adam Kidan