The First Question Every Aspiring Business Owner Should Ask

- - Adam Kidan
Business Owner

Make sure you’re passionate about your business idea before opening your doors.

When starting a business from the ground up, there are seemingly innumerable things to consider.  Is there a demand for my product or service?  Is someone else already doing it?  If so, can I do it better?  At what point, if ever, will it become profitable?  These are just a few of the things any aspiring entrepreneur should think about before attempting to launch a business of any kind.  While these are all extremely important questions to ask, there is one you should ask yourself first.  Am I passionate about this?

Dave Lavinsky of recently wrote a piece on the subject, which makes some valuable points.  The example he uses is a hypothetical scenario in which you had two friends both trying to start a fitness company.  One has had personal experience struggling with weight loss and the other is simply doing it to cash in.  He argues that all things being equal, the friend with the personal connection and passion for the project will persevere.  This is an argument, that’s well, hard to argue with.

Starting a company takes a tremendous amount of time and dedication.  The early days of a new company are marked by long hours and heavily dosed with rejection, failure, and frustration.  Even though you may have an idea you think can make money, that doesn’t necessarily mean you are passionate enough about your project to dedicate the necessary time and effort to make it successful.

This is one of the reasons getting a business off the ground can be so difficult.  Not only do you need to come up with an idea that can make money, but it has to be something you are willing to spend almost every waking hour shepherding from your vision to reality.  In short, if you want to launch a business, start with what you’re passionate about.  Then, figure out how to make it profitable.  If you do it the other way around you’re likely to quit when the going gets tough.