The Benefits of Living in DC

Adam Kidan - dcLiving in the nation’s capital has many advantages along with disadvantages. Though traffic into the capital is almost always brutal, DC’s advantages undoubtedly outweigh its disadvantages (there’s a reason for all that traffic). Not only is it the home of the President of the United States, but there are many other perks of living in DC. Here are just a few of the benefits:

First, being comfortable in a city has a lot to do with the environment, and DC is known to have one of the best climates out of any other city in the states. Because of its location, DC still has four seasons but the weather tends to be much more mild than it is up north in places like New York City. You can enjoy both warm summers and snowy winters, along with the undeniable beauty of fall and spring – spring being a favorite time of year to most residents as the cherry blossoms bloom along the Potomac, creating a picturesque landscape that photographers dream of.

Along with great weather, DC is in close proximity to three major airports, two in Northern Virginia (IAD and DCA) and one in Maryland (BWI). Being close to so many airports means you have the opportunity to travel to wherever you’d like, most likely. Also, cities close to airports usually have more tourists visiting those cities, which provides a good boost for the economy. Amtrak and MARC rail station also stop through DC, enabling you to visit many other major cities like NYC, Boston, and Philadelphia.

Entertainment is another huge benefit of living in DC. With 19 art museums and galleries, including the Smithsonian, you won’t run out of beautiful art to study and admire. Along with it’s flourishing art scene, DC is home to the Kennedy Center, which offers free performances each day at 6 PM, and the American Art Museum, which hosts free live jazz every third Thursday of the month. Washington DC is known for having a wide array of free events to enjoy, regardless of your age. The National Zoo and the Smithsonian Institution is always free to get into. As a thriving, cultural city, DC will always have plenty of entertainment, shopping, music festivals, bars, and restaurants.

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In addition, though rent prices are quite high in DC, the cost of living is relatively cheap, especially if you have a decent salary. With all of the free amenities DC has to offer, living is affordable – unlike in places like New York City, where rent and the cost of living are extremely high.

Lastly, Washington DC is home to the United States government, which means there are many jobs that offer government contracts. There will always be employment due to this; and if you have any interest in politics at all – DC is the right city for you. The federal government is constantly in motion to keep Washington DC one of the best cities for people to live for years to come. For more information regarding the benefits to living in Washington DC, read this article published on

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