Planning and Productivity

- - Adam Kidan

Planning and Productivity by Adam KidanPlanning week-by-week is a major part of running successful businesses.  Creating a plan helps keep you on track to meet goals and be productive, lets you track results to analyze your business and ultimately keeps stress off your back.  I recently read a blog post that shared seven ways to utilize goals, listed below:

Pick a planning day: It takes a month for a proper habit to form, so you need to stick to a specific time and day for your weekly planning.  You want to be consistent, so do some sort of planning every week.  

Pick a place: Decide on a place to go every week with good environment for weekly planning.  Whether it’s a coffee shop, a park or a porch, go somewhere that’s inspiring and/or relaxing.  

Brainstorm projects/goals: Assign projects and goals for yourself that will progress your yearly business plan.  These could be as simple as setting a sales goal to hit each week.  Take a list of different ways that you reach these goals and break it down to see what you can be doing weekly to improve your business.  

Set measurable goals: Regardless of what goals and projects you’re setting for yourself, make sure that they’re measurable.  Don’t set vague goals, be specific about your projects.  

Set deadlines: Set deadlines for your goals.  These help you manage your time wisely and give you urgency to complete the goals you’ve set for yourself.  

Challenge yourself: If you’re new to planning or just started a business, don’t set unrealistic expectations and overwhelm yourself.  Start slow, scheduling what you know you can do, then a couple things that push you.  Make sure you’re challenging yourself every week and capitalizing on your full potential.

Review your results: When you’re planning your week, make sure that you review your results from the previous day.  Celebrate your successes and take note of any opportunities.  Analyze why certain tasks got done while others didn’t.  Once you’ve reviewed your previous week, you can start planning for the next week.

Adam Kidan