Kale Pops?

- - Adam Kidan
Green juice

You’ve heard of kale juice, but what about kale popsicles? Sophie Milrom is trying to change that.

The majority of popsicles flavors are pretty simple: cherry, raspberry, orange.  Maybe the occasional fudge or mango.  Yet how about kale flavor?  Or lemon, cayenne and agave?  Young entrepreneur Sophie Milrom has been looking to popularize these flavors with her new company, EatPops, dedicated to providing more options for healthy, sugar-free snacks.

Starting out her company, Milrom spent some $10,000 making samples.  Every morning before going to work at a bankruptcy law firm, she would put her samples in an insulated freezer-purse and go from grocery store to grocery store, pitching her idea to potential vendors.  Three months after becoming certified to practice law, Milrom started working at EatPops full-time, launching her company six months later.

Two years later, EatPops can be found in 10 states and are available in more than 300 stores.  As an entrepreneur, Milrom has been capitalizing on the clean food revolution; she points out that her popsicles satisfy both the paleo and vegan diets, two of the fastest-growing food trends.  EatPops, with flavors such as banana, peanut butter, vanilla, agave, carrot, mango and pineapple, markets itself as a healthy alternative to ice cream.  Yet it also fits the qualifications of a meal replacement, as well as a variation on the juice cleanse, even if the company has yet to develop a formal cleanse plan.  Yet unlike the highly perishable fresh juices necessary for a proper cleanse, these popsicles have a two year shelf life, and Milrom claims that they’re ultimately cheaper than the traditional cleanse.

While the thought of a kale and spinach popsicle might not appeal to everybody, Milrom says that EatPops have a high appeal to those who are more health-conscious, both millennials and mothers who want to get their kids to eat vegetables.  Milrom has partnered with like-minded health-conscious companies to put on fitness events where her pops are served.  For the new year, her resolution is to collaborate on more events with fitness studios in New York and LA.

Adam Kidan