Effective Morning Habits

- - Adam Kidan

effective morning habits by adam kidanOne of the keys to a great day is to start the day right.  Many successful people follow similar morning routines; if you’re feeling like you aren’t getting enough out of the day, then incorporating some of these habits could be a good idea.  I recently came across an article that shared some of them.  These are mostly meant to enhance creativity, but they’re just as relevant for the entrepreneur in all of us.  Try out a few of them, and notice the difference!

Get up early: Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.  That’s just as true now as when Ben Franklin scribbled it down.  Waking up early leaves more time for you to practice physical and mental self-care by removing the stress that comes from having to rush.

Take time for reflection: Meditation and mindfulness, where you simply stay open to whatever runs through your head, has been shown to contribute to higher creativity.  This could include thinking about what you’re grateful for, or maybe making sure that what you’re about to do has value and will be fulfilling.  

Walk: Walking is a great way to get your body going and ease you into the day.  Studies have also proven that it’s an excellent way to stimulate your mind.  Interesting thoughts and ideas often emerge when you’re simply strolling down the street.  

Exercise: Piggybacking off the above point, morning exercise is great for your mind just as much as your body.  By boosting blood and oxygen flow to the brain and releasing endorphins, it’s an excellent way to start the day right.  Make sure you don’t forget to eat after your workout; it’s essential for post-workout recovery by giving your brain the necessary energy to function and innovate.  

Make lists: Make lists in the morning about the work that needs to be done throughout the day.  This is a great way to fight stress.  Tackle the toughest stuff first, when your mind is fresh, that way you’ll have time to relax later on in the day.  

Take in information: Don’t get into something distracting like emails first thing in the morning; instead start the day off with something more stimulating.  Maybe catch up on news or check out the stock market.  This gives you different viewpoints and perspectives.  

Connect with the people you care about: By connecting with the people you care about in the morning, you remind yourself why you’re doing what you do and creates a purposeful start to the day.  

Adam Kidan