Amazon Prime Day Looks To Protect Dominance Over Online Marketplace

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Amazon, an electronic commerce company, is the largest Internet-based retailer in the United States. The company which once begun has an online bookstore, has since grown into a consumer goods powerhouse that continually changes the way we buy consumer goods.

This Wednesday the e-commerce giant is holding Amazon Prime Day, a day that will offer shoppers “more deals than Black Friday.”

While shopping on Amazon is available to anyone, in order to have access to the special deals on Prime Day, you need to be an Amazon Prime member. The membership, which costs $99 per year, includes a number of great benefits, including free two-day shipping on a large list of eligible products, free music and video streaming, unlimited photo storage, and the ability to borrow Kindle books.

Amazon Prime Day hopes to attract more shoppers to sign up for the service. For those that currently do not have a Prime membership, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial to take advantage of the deals.

The move to hold Prime Day appears to be in response to the emergence of numerous potential competitors who continue to take aim at Amazon’s dominance over the online marketplace.

ShopRunner costs $79 per year and also includes free two-day shipping at hundreds of retailers, including the likes of Toys R Us, PetSmart and Lords & Taylor. Walmart is also gearing up to launch its own version of Prime as well, called ShippingPass, which will give consumers unlimited three-day shipping on all purchases for only $50 per year. Furthermore, another online shopping club is launching soon. The company, known as Jet, will offer a wide variety of products at bargain prices. There annual membership fee is expected to be about half the price of a Prime membership.

Prime Day could end up proving to be extremely effective tool for Amazon as they look to brush off these encroaching companies. While it is still unclear which company will prove to be the winner within the online marketplace down the road, right now the clear winner is the consumer, who has access to deals unlike ever before.

You can learn more about Amazon Prime Day here.

Adam Kidan