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Characteristics-of-a-good-press-release-620x350Adam Kidan currently serves as the Managing Director for Chartwell Business Advisors. Previously, he worked as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of 1800 Mattress in Washington D.C. from 1992 to 1999. Due to his success as a business and community leader. Kidan is a proud graduate of George Washington University and Brooklyn Law School. He has received a number of press, and accolades over the decades. Additionally, he has been invited to serve as a speaker for an array of events. Please visit the links in order to learn more about Adam’s involvement in each news story.

From the Horse’s Mouth 

In this story, Pat Lopes examines how Adam Kidan employed a unique marketing strategy in order to thrust his company, 1-800 Marketing into the consumer’s thoughts. Lopes highlights the success of Adam’s venture, as he had to double the size of the warehouse from 11,000 square feet to 22,00 square feet. He emerged from complete obscurity to become the region’s premier tele-retail provider of mattresses since 1992. When Adam first began focusing on marketing, he noticed that the traditional manner of doing things could prove ineffective for his company. Instead of actors talking about a product about which they were not genuinely enthusiastic, Kidan, himself, was the star of his radio and tv commercials. He went on to become the official spokesman for the organization, and helped launch 1800 Mattress into a company with millions of dollars of annual sales.

Hoffman Lecture Series

Kidan was asked to speak as part of the renowned Hoffman Lecture Series. This lecture series, which is hosted the School of Business and Public Management at George Washington University, Adam’s alma-mater. It is generously funded by a grant that brings notable and successful businessmen to share their personal experiences with GW students. Other speakers who were featured as part of the Hoffman Lecture include, but are not limited to, the Editor and Publisher of Success Magazine, Scott Degarmo, the Founder and CEO of Black Entertainment Television, Robert Johnson, and the Founder of Au Bon Pain, Louis Kane. Held on April 9 of 1998, Kidan discussed his success as head of 1800 Mattress with the event’s attendees.

Industry News 

In this article, Kidan discusses industry news and how the sale of 236 Unit Mattress Discounters by Rhodes Furniture, based in Atlanta, Georgia, could prove to shake up the field in the mattress. As an expert and successful figure within the industry, Kidan speculated that Bain Capital could decide to decrease prices as they controlled both ends of the the company’s business.

Departure From the Industry

This article from Pat Lopes highlights Adam selling his successful mattress business and the steps he will take post 1800 Mattress.  Adam Kidan, then 34, sold his business to the New York Based Dial-a-Mattress. Kidan notes that he believes it was a good time to sell the company as the industry, during that epoch, experienced a dramatic change.

Ferry’s a go-go

In January of 2000, Washington Business Journal highlighted Adam’s involvement in the a ferry service in Potomac, Maryland that would significantly reduce the commuting time for the area’s residents. He notes how incredibly inefficiency of the current infrastructure, and how he hopes that his contribution to this venture will help make a tangible difference in people’s lives. He was also working with cellular corporations in order to allow the commuters to work on their laptops while on the ferry.

The Price of Real Estate

In this article, Kidan mentions how the increasing price of real estate in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area has impacted his business decisions. In a savvy business move, he  decided his 1800 Mattress was better served if it closed one of its showrooms, and downsized to just five locations.

Playing Host to a Political Event

In 1998, Kidan served as the host to meet-the-candidates event for the D.C’s Mayoral race. The event took place at his residence.

Gross receipts tax ‘dead’

In this article from Washington Business Journals, Kidan is quoted  controversial proposal for gross receipts tax is essentially a dead issue. He was quite involved in the Washington D.C. political scene as he served as the chairman of the  District of Columbia Chamber of Commerce’s PAC.